Patricia  Sojo

Classical music, friends and travel have always been a part of my life.  Also books, especially those that tell stories of musicians, friends and travel. As a child I used to go to the concerts of the Philharmonic Society of Bilbao, my city, and I always knew that I would dedicate myself to classical music. I studied violin at the Bilbao Conservatory and Musicology, at the Universities of Oviedo and Sheffield. And I ended up working at the Philharmonic Society for eighteen wonderful years.  I have been a Tourmanager for the Primusic concert agency and a translator for Akal’s music collection. I have been invited to participate in various International Music Festivals such as the Second Bogotá International Music Festival “Bogotá is Mozart” or the Brasov Chamber Music Festival, of which I will always keep fond memories, and I have written articles for different media like the Bilbao Newspaper and the Bulletin of the Philharmonic Society.  I have been a teacher at the University of Cádiz, presenter of the Berlin Digital Concert Hall concerts at the Guggenheim Museum and collaborator of the Radio Clásica program “La Dársena”. I have also worked at Konpartitu.  For two and a half years I worked into the world of gastronomy and was public relations for Martín Berasategui’s restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum. I have organized trips to the best festivals and auditoriums in Europe such as the Festivals of Lucerne, Salzburg, Glyndebourne, Aldeburgh, Schwarzenberg, Vienna, Milan, London, Paris, Munich, Hamburg, Baden Baden, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lofoten Islands, Zurich … Now I direct and work at Bilbao House Concerts and I continue doing what I always do: music, friends and travel.

Fotografía de Miguel San Cristóbal