Manuel de Falla. The Spanish Silver Age
Music makes you feel

“Music is not made to be understood but to be felt” From 5th October to 25th May Program: Clase 1 – Presentación. Manuel de Falla. La edad de plata española (De 1898 a 1936) Clase 2 – Nocturno. La generación del 98 Clase 3 – Vals Capricho. La España de Alfonso XIII: De ... Read more

Arnold Schoenberg-Wassily Kandinsky
Concerning the spiritual in art

Bilbao House Concerts organizes a two-session monographic course dedicated to the personal and artistic relationship of two 20th century geniuses: Arnold Schoenberg and Wassily Kandinsky on the occasion of the Kandinsky Exhibition that can be seen at the Guggenheim Museum until May 23. The sessions will be offered both in ... Read more

Gustav Mahler´s Vienna
Musical universe of emotions and expressions

For more than half a century, Vienna was a kaleidoscope of geniuses, the germ of new movements that radically and irreversibly changed European art and thought. All of Europe succumbed to its fascinating creative radiance. Among them Gustav Mahler, musical universe of emotions and expressions: “Tradition does not consist in ... Read more